CB's Nuts
Our Roots CB’s Nuts started with a light bulb moment after buying a bag of roasted peanuts from a vendor outside a Mariners-Orioles baseball game in Baltimore. Clark Bowen (CB) had eaten a lot of peanuts on his baseball trip that summer, but there was something about the smell and flavor of these fresh roasted peanuts that captured his attention — this was a unique product you didn’t find in his native Pacific Northwest, and he imagined himself learning the craft and selling Mariners and Seahawks fans a better peanut in Seattle. Soon CB was pushing a small barrel roaster to Safeco Field, and at the time, Quest Field, selling peanuts fresh and hot. At first, he was just hoping to make enough money to pay for tickets to the game and to buy a few $8 beers inside, but finding there were a lot of people eager for his product, he knew he had found his calling. Shortly after, CB met Tami, who became his wife and partner in business, and together they've built CB's from the sidewalk up. Today, CB's Nuts sells the freshest nuts to folks all over the world, grown only by responsible farmers and produced in Kingston, Washington. Our goal is simple...make healthy and delicious snacks for our customers, *grown by the best USA farmers, using only simple ingredients. *We are committed to USA grown peanuts but have found with climate change and drought in the southern states that we also have to procure from outside the US. This year we have discovered delicious organic peanuts from Mexico and Argentina and will be sourcing from these regions as well.