Kingston Historical Society
The Kingston Historical Society was formed in 2002 by William O. “Bill” Reynolds. For 12 years, a small group of residents gathered regularly to share stories and to preserve documents, photographs, and artifacts that chronicled the town’s history. They kept their small collection in a basement room in the former town community center on State Highway 104. In 2014, the group became inactive, due to the deaths of most of its members. The remaining Society member, Harriet Muhrlein, wanted to resurrect the Society and, in 2015, solicited volunteers to assist her. Jan Bourgeois, Marian MacKenzie, Susan Anest, and Kathy Sole responded and began the task of reorganizing the Society. Sole became president and, later, Deborah L.J. MacKinnon became secretary/treasurer. When the community center was sold to Coffee Oasis in 2016, the society moved its collection to a private residence. Though the Society does not have a physical presence in town, it has embraced technology and collaborated with other businesses and organizations to fulfill its mission. The Society communicates primarily through its Facebook page, website, and exhibits in local buildings. The Society is also in the process of developing an electronic collections database and digitizing its document and image collection. It is now an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.