Kingston Youth Sports Association (KYSA)
At KYSA, the home of the BUCCANEERS, we’re busy developing ideas and creating opportunities for local youth to participate in sports programs.  We think it’s a great way for kids to stay active, develop lifelong friendships, and learn important skills like team building, discipline, positive self esteem and many others!  If your child is interested in participating, check out the “Sports” page for all the details on what we offer and how to sign up. Great things are in store for the future here in Kingston!  We’re seeing revitalization of the community and some amazing partnerships are being built between KYSA and local business owners & community members.  WE NEED YOU!  If you’re interested in helping us develop programs and create future opportunities for our youth, give us a call, send us an email, or talk with any of our board members.  We encourage everyone to attend our Board meetings and get involved! Steering and advisory committees are being developed now, so come be an integral part in a creating all the unique and exciting things we have in store. SEE YOU THERE!