Kitsap County Sheriff
Mission, Vision, and Values ​MISSION STATEMENT  Through our vision and values, we are dedicated to providing quality public safety services in partnership with our diverse communities. VISION  To be recognized as a respected and trusted Sheriff’s Office while making Kitsap County a safer place to live, work, and visit. CORE VALUES  Central to our mission are the values which guide our work. These values are the foundation of our agency and help us to ensure the quality of life and public safety in Kitsap County. Teamwork  We are committed to consistently engaging and interacting with the public, civic partners, and other police agencies in order to continually improve our community and our Sheriff’s Office. We also empower and support the individual talents and creativity of our personnel. We understand that collaboration, and the sharing of knowledge and information result in the greatest problem-solving outcomes for all and further cultivate partnerships across our community. Integrity  Understanding the great authority given to us, whether observed by others or not, we embrace the highest standards of honesty, discipline, and ethics. We ensure that our communication and actions are conscientious and empathetic. We respect and show dignity to all persons, recognizing that diversity enhances our community. Professionalism  We recognize and adjust to the evolving needs of our community, ensuring a sustained commitment to those we serve. We are an agency that remains fiscally responsible, progressive, proactive, effective, and reliable. Being sworn to be accountable to ourselves and to the citizens, we conduct ourselves as an example to others. We invest in the welfare and safety of our personnel and the public. We are an agency that continuously strives to learn and operate at the highest levels of our professions in order to ensure that we continue to provide quality services