Labyrinth Hill
HOW TO TURN Your Backyard into a Lavender Farm Have you ever questioned why you’re spending all that time mowing your lawn? Oh, and not to mention the summer watering bills! Do you even want to discuss the fertilizer and the weed killers you’ve been applying to your landscape?! Have you ever been drawn to a field of lavender? We’ve all seen the photos on Instagram. You know the ones, with waving purples stems. You’d swear you could smell the fragrance wafting on a warm summer breeze! But you have to think those fields take an investment in expensive equipment, specialized processors, and staff to care for all those lavender plants, right? Well, what if that actually wasn’t the case? What if, those fragrant fields were cared for using tools you probably have in our own garden shed? Hi, my name is Susan! That’s me and an armful of bundles from just one plant in my backyard. I have been a lavender grower for a long time, and two of the questions I get asked most by my friends are, “How do you grow such beautiful, fragrant lavender?!” and, “Can you really grow lavender as a business?!” If you’re like anyone looking to upgrade your landscape you’re probably thinking you need a designer to plan your garden. And perhaps even a crew of maintenance staff to make sure the plants stay healthy. Well, I’m here to change that! I want to show you how you can plant and care for a small lavender patch with just the tools you probably already have in your shed! You don’t need a garden crew nor a landscape designer, because I’ve boiled down the very best of my 19+ years of growing lavender as a business into a simple, step-by-step, season-by-season training. It’s a masterclass!