North Kitsap School District
OUR VISION Every NKSD student is a confident, competent, creative and compassionate person who is ready for a world yet to be imagined. OUR MISSION We foster a safe, collaborative, and intentional learning environment where each student is known by name, strength and need. OUR CORE VALUES We are all in for all students All means ALL. We are fully committed to growing every child in NKSD. We do whatever it takes, even when it is hard, to unlock the potential in each student. Our students deserve our best EVERY DAY. We seek to know our students as people and as learners. We model extraordinary care through our words and deeds. Education is an inherently human endeavor, and we are mindful of this in our words and actions. Our collective achievement depends on strong relationships. We care - about one another, about our work, about our goals. Education involves both the heart and the mind. We foster high expectations, continuous growth, and high achievement for everyone. All students can learn and grow. All staff can learn and grow. We hold high expectations - yet we hold high levels of grace. Excellence should not be feared; it should be our aspiration. We do not seek perfection; we seek growth and improvement. We celebrate our diversity, we embrace inclusion, and we respect our local heritage. Our diversity makes us stronger. We recognize and respect the two Sovereign Nations upon whose ancestral lands we live and work. We respect different perspectives, experiences, and viewpoints. We seek to understand. We seek to learn about one another. We build bridges, not walls, to our community. We are enriched by our location, which features rich tapestry of traditions, cultures, and peoples. There is no limit to "better." We know that, as the world changes, so must we. We embrace continuous improvement; we strive to improve each and every year. We embrace a growth mindset: "I can't do it YET." We embrace innovation, new ideas, or change. All are teachers, all are learners.