Methia Gordon’s Sweet Life Cakery

What’s behind all of the delectable pies, pastries and cakes that inhabit Sweet Life Cakery’s display cases? A Journey … a journey influenced by an appreciation for quality, hands-on learning from an early age, work experience and formal instruction.

INSPIRATION: At six, Methia Gordon began baking with her mother. Using Betty Crocker’s Cookie book, she learned to make Christmas Delights. The illustrations guided her choice of which cookies to create. By 12 she was handling the whole process from picking out the cookies, to making and executing her shopping list prior, to mixing and baking.

Methia gained an appreciation of quality ingredients from memories of going through Gourmet Magazine with her father. Grandmother Gordon would send a variety box of Christmas cookies that dazzled her young eyes with the beauty of its contents and presentation.

At 25 Methia went on a European backpacking trip where for five weeks she ate her way through France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. She loved the European style of patisseries and bakeries over there. “I want more of this”, she thought.

EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION: Methia was always enhancing her expertise. She worked as a cake decorator and head baker at a food coop in Bellingham. While baking bread and making pastries in Atlanta, she also worked as a trainer. Gordon was the pastry chef and manager of a new bakery in the Palisades Market, a gourmet store in Calistoga California.

Gordon graduated from the Culinary Institute of America at the top of her class in 1997. After graduation, she was invited to spend a year there as a teaching assistant to some of the world’s top pastry chefs ~ an education in itself.

BUSINESS DREAM REALIZED: Sweet Life Cakery opened for business in Kingston WA, in 2010. Initially Methia did her baking and much of her sales out of the Old Kingston Hotel. She was also making wedding cakes, which now comprise about 75% of her business. Methia skillfully creates these cakes with exquisite detail that is reflective of the bride and groom’s taste. These unique cakes are decorated with fresh flowers or handcrafted flora. The following year her own commercial kitchen was completed, grounding Methia’s professional expansion.

Five years later in 2015, Methia’s long held dream of having her own storefront establishment was realized. The Cakery is known around town as that cute blue cottage. Inside the atmosphere is warm and inviting. And there is always an array of delicious cakes, pies, cookies and pastries to choose from ~ for eating there or taking home.

Quality is a top priority. Sweet Life’s cakes and cupcakes are iced with a silky smooth European style butter cream. Whenever possible ingredients are organic and locally sourced. Methia uses her pastry training and 20 years of experience to achieve the delicate balance between sweetness and flavor. Her signature Sweet Blisses are a prime example of this refinement.

BEATING THE ODDS: The Cakery has stayed open (with masking) during the pandemic.
Methia continues to take orders for small parties and weddings. Check Sweet Life Cakery’s
Facebook page for hours and special offerings.